923461_218591278343679_2061924286_n.jpgI am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at Minerva Schools at KGI majoring in Business. Based in San Francisco, I work at on Africa Strategy with the Autodesk Foundation and EMEA Sales team. Previously, I ran The Developer School which I founded in 2013 in Nairobi. At the software development school, I raise funds, look for partnerships and collaborate with similar schools to create the curriculum.

Previously, I have worked as a software developer in Kenya a year and worked with Redhat as GNOME Outreach Program for Women intern. In 2014, I was nominated for the Anzisha Prize, the premium prize for entrepreneurs in Africa and I have been an Anzisha fellow since. Inspired by my work using coding to empower youth in East Africa, UNESCO launched the “Searching for Martha” aimed at supporting women in Tech in Africa. Through this project, I have spoken at various conferences including at the UN Headquarters in NY.

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